Friday, December 30, 2011

This isn't Goodbye. But it kinda is.

happy holidays :)

It's been three and a half years since I started Stick Baby. A total of 667 blogs, well 668 if you count this one. What the hell have I been writing about? Considering this was my first post, I think I've come a long way... I've tried loads of recipes, plenty of craft projects, abundant restaurant and local shopping reviews, tips, tricks, a whole documentary on my life in Thailand and sometimes just complete nonsense. But it was good. Good for me, at least. I've learned so much over the years about just what I'm capable of (and not).

However, since I started my Fairview Place store this Summer and will be working under the name (come the new year) for my freelance design business, it only seemed right to have one cohesive look and feel (I'm a designer after all, this is what I do). That is why this will be my last Stick Baby and the Snail post. Don't fret though, all the fun will continue on my new Fairview Place blog. If you like what you've seen and experience at Stick Baby, become a follower at FP and you'll get all the same nonsense, plus Music Mondays (contain your excitement, if you can) and more.

Thanks to all of you for you support and encouragement of my little Stick Baby blog, it's been real.


oneshorething said...

Well, if you must. I will indeed follow you there. I'd follow you almost anywhere! :)

Terence said...

Very interesting and lovely picture.