Friday, December 30, 2011

This isn't Goodbye. But it kinda is.

happy holidays :)

It's been three and a half years since I started Stick Baby. A total of 667 blogs, well 668 if you count this one. What the hell have I been writing about? Considering this was my first post, I think I've come a long way... I've tried loads of recipes, plenty of craft projects, abundant restaurant and local shopping reviews, tips, tricks, a whole documentary on my life in Thailand and sometimes just complete nonsense. But it was good. Good for me, at least. I've learned so much over the years about just what I'm capable of (and not).

However, since I started my Fairview Place store this Summer and will be working under the name (come the new year) for my freelance design business, it only seemed right to have one cohesive look and feel (I'm a designer after all, this is what I do). That is why this will be my last Stick Baby and the Snail post. Don't fret though, all the fun will continue on my new Fairview Place blog. If you like what you've seen and experience at Stick Baby, become a follower at FP and you'll get all the same nonsense, plus Music Mondays (contain your excitement, if you can) and more.

Thanks to all of you for you support and encouragement of my little Stick Baby blog, it's been real.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Chocolate Dreidels

I have been saving this idea in my recipe box since last year and was excited I one, actually remember to make them, and two, how well they came out! This was a super easy project I got from Martha although I modified it a little since I didn't need 12 dreidels for my occasion :). Instead, I made eight regular chocolate-covered marshmallows, eight dreidels, and with the leftover chocolate made pretzel and Chocolate Cheerios haystacks. The best part? I actually learned how to play the dreidel game!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Luggage Tags Galore!

As of yesterday morning I had 33 luggage tags, which I thought would be plenty for this weekend's craft show. However, after I was perusing the Flickr craft show photos yesterday I panicked and realized that was simply not enough! I more than doubled my stock in just a couple hours (that's why I love making these) and am happy with the tags which range from airplanes to owls, flowers to tie-dye and everything between.

Come check out the full stock on Sunday...whatever is leftover will make its way to Fairview Place next week.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Display Ideas

One of the things I'm most excited about is setting up my table at Sunday's show. I've known I was going to use a lot of my vintage goods to display my items and a couple of my grandmother's table cloths to cover the table. Above is what I'm planning on so far. Some of the ideas include frames with my button jewelry (from this DIY I did last year), a Fostoria ware cake plate for some of the felt books, stacking dessert plates for the luggage tags and a shutter I found in the trash (don't worry, it's clean :) for hanging my greeting cards.

Up until today I wasn't sure how I wanted to display all my greeting cards so I started looking on Flickr for ideas. Much to my surprise, they have a whole group called Show Me Your Booth! I've seen so many great ideas and tricks, I can't stop looking! I had to share a few of my favorites...

Love the drawers and lattice work for holding cards.

Love the platter full of buttons.
I could spend hours looking through them all!

The wooden boxes are neat, adds nice height to the table.

Great use of the mini Ball jars to hold clips -
and it takes up a lot of room on the table!

Fun idea, could also use sand or rocks....

You can find old-school suitcases at EVERY thrift store.
I'd need bigger products to use one though...or a smaller suitcase :)

A wooden tray would be ideal for all my greeting cards,
fingers crossed I can find one at a thrift store.

Five Days and Counting...

Just five days left before my very first craft show as Fairview Place! I can't believe it! This past month of crafting has flown by. I thought I'd give a little sneak peak of one product I'll be selling each day until Sunday. Along with some other things I've been thinking about for set-up, marketing and packaging.

To start today's post I'm showing off the greeting cards I've been working on. I posted the Vogue magazine inspired cards last month, but here are the newest packs.

They were created 1970s National Geographics and the Better Homes and Garden Family Medical Guide (from 1973). None of the cards have actual messages inside, but this time I have general themes of get well, pregnancy, space, love and I think my last batch (finishing up today) are drink and food related.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alpha-Bakery Book

Did you have this book when you were a child? If so, you know why I was squealing when I found it at a thrift store last week for only 58 cents! It's a fantastic little book filled with great recipes for kids to make, plus cute illustrations throughout. Not to mention, the recipes for play dough and paper mache we made about a million times hidden in the back of the book.

After calling home and confirming with my mom she still has our childhood copy, I've decided to make postcards and greeting cards from the sweet drawings inside. I figure if this book made my week, getting a postcard from the book would at least make someone's day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Books!

Wanted to give you a little peak at my newest felt children's book, which has definitely put me into the Christmas mood. I'm happy to say I didn't have to buy one thing for book, using materials I've had sitting around since I made stockings for my sister and her roommates in 2001 (can you believe that??).

Unfortunately this book won't be available on Fairview Place just yet. I'm ramping up quite of few of these felt books for next month's craft show at the Contemporary Art Center in Virginia Beach. I'm in the process of finished up other themes including fruits, veggies, sea life, shapes and colors. More to come on those soon!